Lynn Coady wins the 2013 Giller Prize!!

Congratulations to Lynn Coady for winning this year’s Giller Prize for her collection of short stories titled “Hellgoing”. Some of you may remember Ms. Coady’s name from her nomination a few years ago for her novel “The Antagonist”, which was a great book as well.

So for those of you who will now be running to your nearest book store to grab copies of Hellgoing, I can only encourage you to do it sooner rather than later. In the past, the Giller winners tend to sell out extremely fast, and then it’s a wait until the publisher can get more printed and shipped to the stores. Of course, there is always the e-book option, but as much as I love e-books, I tend to like my award winners in good old paper and ink.

Lynn Coady

Lynn Coady

Oh, and if you aren’t sure what the winning book cover looks like, I’ve included a copy below the lovely photo of Ms. Coady. Please don’t confuse the two, and if you do…well…then you’ve got issues.

Congratulations again Lynn Coady on a wonderful achievement and on reminding Canadians just how much literary talent we have in this great country of ours. Let us not forget that the incredible Alice Munro was only recently awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.

There’s a lot to look forward to in literature in Canada. Let’s just make sure that we do all that we can to support the folks who are trying to make it happen. Support your local arts community, and hey, why not tell the fun-loving, art-loving Conservatives how well we are being recognized on the world stage, even without their support. Imagine what could happen if there was a genuine push from the various levels of government in supporting the literary industry, as well as the Arts in general.

There was a time….really there was.


P.S. – Oh yeah, here’s the cover of the winning title in this year’s Giller Prize!!

Hellgoing by Lynn Coady

Hellgoing by Lynn Coady


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