The New Ford E-Bikes are a glimpse of what future commuting could look like

There’s a great article from the CBC on the newest Ford E-Bikes, which were released at Ford’s annual conference. The video that’s included shows a flexible line of E-Bikes that may be a part of what Ford is calling a ‘multi modal’ commute. Frankly, I would have liked to have seen a longer video and more of the bikes in action. 

If I could ride a bike, it’d be right up there, wanting to try these babies out! They have options for city, road, and mountain biking with these E-Bikes that also run in tandem with specific software that can give you audible directions to where you are going so you aren’t required to look away from the road or trail. As well, there are warnings that tell you if a vehicle is approaching from behind or if there are hazards up ahead, such as pot holes or other obstructions. 

Overall, I think Ford is right on the money with these bikes. The only thing that Ford might have done wrong with them is being a little too ahead of the curve. I think these are going to become widely adopted, the question is only a matter of when. 


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