About The Hurley Edition

 The Short Version

The Hurley Edition is a blog written and edited by Todd Hurley, a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and a confirmed “gadget geek”. He has spent over twenty years working in live theatre and major events with entertainment and AV technology. As a result, Todd has also become a lover of technology as well as the internet and associated technologies. He is adept at understanding and using most consumer technologies. If he doesn’t, he’ll find out and bring it back to you in a way that you can understand. I believe it is through writing that we stay connected and informed, which will arm us with the ability to handle whatever life throws at us. Writing is important. It’s something we’ve done since ancient times, and it is still vital to our basic way of communication and understanding, no matter how much “new fangled” technology bangs on the door! The Hurley Edition is where we are still people. People who want to enjoy life, but take the technology one bit at a time. We’ll do just that, and maybe enjoy a bit of reading now and then! Who knows? There may even be some video along the way!


The Long Version (aka “The Manifesto”)

The Hurley Edition aims to bring balance and perspective on the technology that is coming at us from every direction and the humanity, human contact, and interaction that seems to be getting lost in the din. Whether it is the latest and greatest computers, phones, apps or gadgets or a helpful article on how to do something, The Hurley Edition tries to cover the gap from all the techno-buzz noise all the way to thoughts on what this modern life is doing for us or to us. When should we stop, take a breath, and put some perspective on it? Keeping writing as a vital part of human contact is important in my opinion and  The Hurley Edition is my way to quiet the din and the noise for a sense of perspective now and then. Writing plays a large role here, and I hope that it can play a role in your life as well.

My goal is to talk through writing and technology. I want to ease the seemingly urgent push on our lives from the technology that surrounds us each day, to a place where we can manage it more easily. In bite size pieces, by writing about some of the things that I may find really interesting as well as things that you want to know about, learn about, and talk about. We can discuss, argue, and maybe learn something along the way. This is the place where the  overwhelming force of everyday technology meets the humans that have to process it and learn to live with it.

The Hurley Edition hearkens back to the days when there was an “early edition” of the newspaper. That was where you could get the stories and the news together. I named it so it could help bring a sense of that back. The idea of getting bits and pieces of information, entertainment, and even a true exchange of ideas and opinions through writing. Letters to the editor are not welcome, they’re expected!

Please join me, and talk to me, maybe we can make some sense of what we see, hear, and experience. The more voices the better. It’s impossible to have a conversation with just one side so bring me yours! I don’t blog AT you, I want to blog WITH you. I want to blog THROUGH you, like a lens held high to the light. I’d love you to take part, let me hear your point of view on the issues I bring up. We don’t (and never will) have a clear voice about anything unless we get seen through the right lens. Let it be The Hurley Edition that reflects and records, entertains and adjudicates, and above all does it with candor, grace, and a thick skin! Let’s talk about the world from our quiet street corners, our protests, from the couch, from your desk, your bed, your crutches, your wheelchairs, your cars, your boardrooms, your route to school/work. Talk to me from your carpool, your bus, your walk. You know what……..?

……Just write….because not to, would stunt our ability to be heard. One amazing gift we have from the Oracle that is the Internet, is that it’s two-way, like a lens I suppose, and the most powerful use of a lens is what you train it on and who sees the results. A lens for technology, writing, and modern day life. All trained onto the blog pages and the comments they bring. How else are we going to trade information, ethics, arguments, and the best way to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for ten?

This could just be another chatty blog, it could. But without engagement we don’t get anywhere. So get your perspective and your writing from The Hurley Edition….

Stay connected with …



~ todd



You can always contact Todd at thehurleyedition [at] me [dot] com ,

of course you can always comment on any blog post and that will certainly get the ball rolling!

Speak to me, I love listening...

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