Think Of A Number by John Verdon

This may very well be the first book identified as a “must-read” here on The Hurley Edition. Think Of A Number is a fast-paced, read-through-the-night, unputdownable book. It had me reading until well past my bedtime and all through the day. If I could have, I would have read it all in one sitting.
John Verdon has hit it out of the park with his début novel, Continue reading “Think Of A Number by John Verdon”

Deadline Man by Jon Talton

I hadn’t heard of Jon Talton before receiving the copy of his latest thriller, but you can bet that I will be searching out more of his backlist now that I have read this brilliantly written novel.

Just from reading the back cover blurb I was interested in this book, but all too often I am disappointed by promises made by some publisher on the back cover of a book. In many cases it isn’t fair to the author either. If the back blurb is promising one thing and the book delivers another, then the readers will immediately think that the author failed in their delivery, when it probably isn’t even what the author had intended…. Anyway, I digress, I read the blurb with a huge grain of salt. Right from the opening scene we are in the middle of the action.

Children In The Morning by Anne Emery

I have to admit that I was unaware of Anne Emery before I received my copy of “Children In The Morning”. Since completing my first experience as a reader of her work, I have to say that I have been happily surprised by what I have discovered; a previously unknown author (to me), who is an excellent story teller, and is able to do so in some of the most interesting and rich culture that Canada has to offer. I am both proud and excited that Canada can deliver writers with a growing amount of talent and doing so more and more often.                                                                                        Continue reading “Children In The Morning by Anne Emery”