Saw this on Twitter from Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki) This is really cool. These guys are trying to reinvent the cane, by making them stylish again and not so institutional.

I am blogging this because I used a cane for a number of years, and now I’ve moved on to the full meal deal – two full forearm crutches. But I still love what these guys are doing. Their company is called Top & Derby, and they are looking for as much support as they can get, so this is my little way of trying to get the word out about these guys.

If you read this, have look at the video below and pass it along to whoever you know.

Anyone else out there use (or have ever used) a cane? Wouldn’t it have been better if they weren’t so…ugly? These guys are also trying to improve the function of the cane as well, which is a big deal for anyone who has ever leaned a cane against a wall, only to have it fall. It’s a pain in the ass!! I still do it at least once a day. Now I have twice the opportunity!!


Making canes fun again with funky, functional design .

I hope you had a look at the video. Let me know what you think. Do you think these guys are on to something, or are they banging an old drum over and over again?

~ todd

P.S. ~ I had NO idea there were so many recent articles on canes!! I like the 89 year old woman’s new business, myself!


Making canes fun again with funky, functional design [video]

T.H.E. Book Report Vol 2 – Hikikomori And The Rental Sister

Hikikommori And The Rental SisterI would have to say that this book shattered any expectations I had for it. It is an excellent read, as well as being beautifully written. The story concerns Thomas, an American man living in New York city, is devastated by the death of his very young son and has barricaded himself in his room for three years. His wife, Silke, is desperate and seeks out the only help she can find to get Thomas out of his room. The help comes in the form of a small, young Japanese woman called Megumi. She has the talent for working with Hikikomori, the Japanese word for what Thomas has done – shut himself away from society altogether. Megumi, who is tasked with getting him out of this situation is known as a “rental sister”.

As she works her way toward getting Thomas to come out of his room, she first must find her way into his room to really come to know him and why he has remained locked away. The story is excellently set up and executed as the three characters form a sort of triangulation with their most precious, unspoken feelings, schemes, and inevitable resolutions.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys great contemporary fiction from a new and upcoming voice. I look forward to reading Jeff Backhaus novels for a long time to come.

~ todd